Smoked Chicken (Whole)

Smoked Chicken (Whole) Want to smoke the perfect whole chicken on a pellet grill? Here's the recipe! 1 whole chickenFat Pants seasoning mixolive oil Remove whole chicken from plastic wrap. (Remove giblits and neck if they are included inside the carcass.)Completely thaw the chicken in your refrigerator (or a water bath). Before taking the next step, make sure the chicken is dry by patting it [...]

Turkey Salad w/ Fat Pants

Turkey Salad w/ Fat Pants This is what we served at our daughter's h.s. graduation. This recipe is super easy to make, feeds a big crowd, and perfectly pairs with Fat Pants. (Recipe credit: I got this tasty idea 25-years ago from my amazing mother-in-law.) 2 3-pound turkey breasts (You can also use turkey tenders, or leftover Thanksgiving turkey (white or dark meat). Our family [...]